February 06, 2012

A beautiful song by an up and coming artist named Yuna. She’s been kept under wraps for a good minute (being SLOWLY developed by indie label, The Fader) but you know you’re about to be mainstream when Hypebeast blogs about you.

My boy Nathaniel aka The Mixshow Commander aka Saint Nate aka the Deep V Purveyor of BK put me up on Yuna a few years back. This was around the time when he was neck deep in groupies promoting and DJing for Dev of “In the Dark” fame… and even way before she did “Fly Like a G6″. He has an uncanny talent for good music (and the deepest of V-necks), having been with these these artists from before they were even legal (in the old-enough-to-purchase-alcohol kind of way). All jokes aside, he wasn’t wrong about Dev and he sure as hell ain’t wrong about Yuna either. Game recognizes game.