November 07, 2011

Say what you will about Facebook but without it, it’d be pretty damn hard to keep in touch with old friends. I was home in the Bay last month and linked up with my friend Sarah from high school. Though we’ve known each other since middle school, we were never super tight. We had different interests, hung out in different circles. She was definitely one of the cool kids on campus. I was just a nerd trying to be one of the cool kids.

It’s been a long minute since we’ve been out of high school. I ain’t gonna say how long but but let’s just say our high school class had a reunion… or two. It’s crazy when I think about it but Sarah and I haven’t seen each other since then. It was great catching up over drinks and reminiscing about high school days.

sarahbob 001 The Cool Kids

sarahbob 002 The Cool Kids

Since she brought along her fiancé Bobby, a little shooting had to happen and thus we set off on shooting around the downtown area. I have to say, San Jose has changed a lot since I moved away for college. There’s so much tech money in the Bay Area, it’s… mind bottling!

sarahbob 003 The Cool Kids

sarahbob 005 The Cool Kids

I had a great time with these two cool kids and am stoked to hang out, drink, and shoot again!

Ps. If you know Sarah and Bobby personally, please ask them what they refer to the brown wall below as…

sarahbob 006 The Cool Kids


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