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August 31, 2011

Nike has been doing a tremendous job of pushing women’s fitness to the forefront of the industry. No longer confined to just yoga and running, they are recognizing that women are embracing good ol’ strength training as a more effective means of enhancing their physical capabilities and aesthetics.

ntc 01 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

ntc 02 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

Their Make Yourself ______ campaign encourages you to fill in the blank. Make Yourself Sexy. Make Yourself Strong. Make Yourself Fit. Whatever it is, it’s all good! They’ve been spreading this message at universities across the nation and from the events that I’ve shot at Cal, USC, and the Nike offices it’s been a huge success with thousands of girls across the nation experiencing and embracing strength training for the first time.

ntc 05 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

As a someone who is involved in the health and fitness field, I am always advocating for women to do more strength training. I can definitely appreciate it when females aren’t afraid of packing on muscle and rolling with the boys. To encourage this, Nike has created an app called Nike Training Club that is available for free on iTunes. It’s a very well thought out app with tons of routines, timers, and social media/gaming integration. You can work out to the music on your iPhone with the music/playlist capabilities, get inspired by celebrity athletes, and have the chance to win free Nike gear.

ntc 03 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

Though geared towards women, I have it on my phone and use it every once in a while as do many other guys I know. It ain’t gonna pack on the muscle for you dudes but it’s a great way to get a quick bodyweighted workout and cardio session, especially if you’re clueless when it comes to working out. And for you girls out there, Nike has cleverly named their routines along the lines of Get Lean and Get Toned to assure you that you will not “Get Bulky” when doing these exercises.

ntc 04 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

As more and more women embrace strength training and understand it’s benefits, I’m hoping the Nike Training Club app will become an even more comprehensive tool for educating and inspiring everyone into living a more healthy and capable lifestyle. With Nike’s reach and influence, I know it’ll happen sooner than later!

ntc 06 Nike Training Club: Make Yourself

I shot these images from a recent NTC training and product demo sesh for Nike’s LA trainers. Big shout out goes to Courtney, Kristin, and Marie!

If you haven’t already, download the app!

August 26, 2011

I spent the good part of the last two weeks driving throughout the LA area to capture Nike high school football practices.

Schools shot included: Serra, Carson, Vista Murrieta, Servite, Garfield, Crespi, and Roosevelt high schools.

Thanks goes out to all the coaches and players who allowed me to shoot their practices up close and personal. I did not escape without injury though as I received a busted upper lip from getting a little too close to the action… though I must say, being in the sun all those days did do wonders for my farmer’s tan.

nikehsfb 1 Nike High School Football Rules

nikehsfb 2 Nike High School Football Rules

nikehsfb 3 Nike High School Football Rules

nikehsfb 4 Nike High School Football Rules

nikehsfb 5 Nike High School Football Rules

And as always, a big shout out to the folks at Nike and Optimist LA!

August 09, 2011

Little Manhattan has become one of my favorite movies as of late. It’s about a boy (Gabe) who falls for a girl (Rosemary Telesco) with NYC as their playground. There are so many hilarious scenes from this movie and it just reminds me of young love when you start to realize that girls don’t have cooties and you wanna share your Hostess Cupcakes with them instead of putting gum in their hair.

This song by Matt White from the soundtrack is my favorite. I digs!

August 09, 2011

banksy Banksy Love! Art In the Streets, MOCA Los Angeles

I hope y’all were able to check out the Art In the Streets exhibit that was showing at the MOCA in Downtown LA. I went twice and both times I was blown away. There was just way too much to see and too much to read up on; I definitely could’ve used a third visit to take it all in.

A beautiful curation of art, history, and culture… hopefully y’all were able to experience it before its last day yesterday. If not, you can always hit up Brooklyn next year where it’ll be showing next!

Pictured: a close crop of Banksy’s stencil of a boy and a girl standing on a pile of guns and bombs.

August 09, 2011

I think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. And I don’t think people are ready for the message that I’m delivering, and delivering with a sense of violent love.

August 09, 2011

venice bikers I Love LA... Venice Paparazzi

August 08, 2011

Shot some cool promos for the Eskini Swim line at the SLS Hotel a couple weeks back. Check it out!

eskini 01 Eskini Swim

eskini 03 Eskini Swim

eskini 02 Eskini Swim

August 07, 2011

Tara and Rob are mucho fun. And so is their dog Ziggy. Here’s a sneak peek at the shoot I did with them today.

IMG 0784w e1312778200589 Tara + Rob Sneak Peek

IMG 0198w e1312778227847 Tara + Rob Sneak Peek

August 07, 2011

IMG 0188w e1312707837792 Char + Kevin... Bottega Louie, Downtown LA

Bottega Louie, Downtown Los Angeles

August 06, 2011

venicesurfers I Love LA... Venice Surfers

Surfers in Venice Beach, CA