July 14, 2011


instacollage 1 Instagram + iPhone = Everyones A Photographer

I came across a tweet a few weeks back that said something along the lines of: “Instagram + iPhone = Everyone’s a Photographer”

Is Instagram giving photography and photographers a bum rap? With the iPhone being the most popular camera on Flickr, millions and millions of photos are taken everyday and posted on websites all over the web. Is an ubiquitous camera and a bunch of digital film simulating filters diluting the technical and creative aspects of photography?

If you go to my mama’s home, you’ll find at least 10 photo albums full of photos that wouldn’t have been possible if my pops didn’t always have a camera hanging around his neck. He was the biggest reason for my love of photography… not because he was a good photographer by any means but because he documented pretty much every occasion in life.  With this in mind, how could Instagram be a bad thing when we are documenting everyday life, every single day?

A fun photo filter does not a good photographer make. Subject matter, composition, context… those things still matter. But do those things matter if all you’re trying to do is capture everyday moments? It shouldn’t. And as photographers, I don’t think you need to feel intimidated by people taking more photos. It’s a good thing to be challenged and inspired by other people, whether they shoot with iPhones and use Instagram or with big SLRs and use Photoshop. I think it’s an awesome thing that more and more people are taking pictures and therefore more and more people are appreciating photography.

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instacollage 2 Instagram + iPhone = Everyones A Photographer