March 04, 2011

morganxbrandon 01 Williamsburg Quickie

morganxbrandon 02 Williamsburg Quickie

I¬†got to hang out with my homegirl Morgan in the hipsterville known as Williamsburg. It’s a dope little enclave in Brooklyn that I liken to the NYC equivalent of LA’s Silverlake. It was a rainy day and I got super drenched after I left her place cause you know LA folk don’t own umbrellas. I trekked from Williamsburg back to Midtown soaked from head to toe.

In between rain sessions, I got to snap a few shots of Morgie and her boyfriend Brandon, the brains behind the most awesomest One Day On Earth campaign.

I think we spent maybe 10-15 minutes dodging rain and shooting. Even though it wasn’t a full on shoot like I would usually like to do, it was an opportunity to capture a beautiful couple sharing laughs in front of their home. This was a great reminder that you don’t always have to have the best weather, crazy wardrobe, and multiple locations to capture timeless moments. Even if I was only able to get one awesome photo of them, it’s one more than they would have if no one was shooting.

morganxbrandon 03 Williamsburg Quickie

morganxbrandon 04 Williamsburg Quickie

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