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March 28, 2011

jetset Dirty South Bound

Fried alligator and crawfish in about 15 hours! Leaving LA and going to… La.

March 28, 2011

mxdtsr 01 Michele + David at Disneyland

Congrats to Michele and David! Here’s a quick sneak peek of your Disneyland engagement sesh. Since y’all got the practice down… you’ll be professional models come November for your wedding, right?! Thanks for making this one of my favorite Disneyland trips in recent memory. You guys were hella fun!

Ps. I’m gonna own you at Toy Story Mania next time!

mxdtsr 02 Michele + David at Disneyland

March 24, 2011

lovework Love Your Work

It don’t matter what you do… if you love your work, you will become successful. It is a scientifically proven fact.

Stuck in that 9-5 that you dread so much? You have two options:

a. be grateful – most folks are getting laid off, about to get laid off, or can’t find work when all they want to do is work
b. quit

I can honestly say that since getting laid off work two years ago, I have never been more happy in my life. I get to pursue my passions and do what I love. I also own my TIME. This has allowed me to travel, to sleep in if I wanted to, to work out when the gym is the least busy. Simple but valuable things in my life.

Sure the money isn’t as good as it once was but I’ve gladly given up the money in exchange for time which, to me, is much more valuable. I can always make more money but I could never make more time. A simple lifestyle change of not coveting the unnecessary things in life will leave you with more money than you know what to do with.

If you’re unhappy with where you’re at in life, in your career, and in your relationships, what are you going to do to change it?

March 24, 2011

azka Yesterday Was Wednesday...

Tomorrow is Friday… Friday.. but yesterday was Wednesday.. Wednesday. And what a magnificent Wednesday it was. More to come..

My apologies for singing Rebecca Black? I have no clue why I just did that. I’m sorry.

March 21, 2011

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.

March 19, 2011

One of the coolest marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen! Big thumbs up to Coca-Cola!

March 17, 2011

jaimeexalan 00 Outtakes from Jaimee + Alans Wedding

I was super honored and stoked to be a part of my boy Alan’s wedding. As his best man, I was by his side all day, which allowed me to capture some great moments from an up-close POV on his awesome wedding day. Jaimee and Alan have both moved back home to Hawaii and there’s definitely a void in LA without them here. All good though cause I know I will always have a place to stay when I come visit every year. Thanks in advance guys! Love y’all!

jaimeexalan 02 Outtakes from Jaimee + Alans Wedding

jaimeexalan 03 Outtakes from Jaimee + Alans Wedding

jaimeexalan 04 Outtakes from Jaimee + Alans Wedding

jaimeexalan 05 Outtakes from Jaimee + Alans Wedding

March 07, 2011

I dated a chick named Valerie once… despite this, Mark Ronson’s version of Valerie featuring Amy Winehouse is still one of my favorite songs of all time.

March 04, 2011

happy friday Aloha Friday!!

A play off my quote from the other day… folks from HI know what’s up!

March 04, 2011

morganxbrandon 01 Williamsburg Quickie

morganxbrandon 02 Williamsburg Quickie

I¬†got to hang out with my homegirl Morgan in the hipsterville known as Williamsburg. It’s a dope little enclave in Brooklyn that I liken to the NYC equivalent of LA’s Silverlake. It was a rainy day and I got super drenched after I left her place cause you know LA folk don’t own umbrellas. I trekked from Williamsburg back to Midtown soaked from head to toe.

In between rain sessions, I got to snap a few shots of Morgie and her boyfriend Brandon, the brains behind the most awesomest One Day On Earth campaign.

I think we spent maybe 10-15 minutes dodging rain and shooting. Even though it wasn’t a full on shoot like I would usually like to do, it was an opportunity to capture a beautiful couple sharing laughs in front of their home. This was a great reminder that you don’t always have to have the best weather, crazy wardrobe, and multiple locations to capture timeless moments. Even if I was only able to get one awesome photo of them, it’s one more than they would have if no one was shooting.

morganxbrandon 03 Williamsburg Quickie

morganxbrandon 04 Williamsburg Quickie