February 14, 2011

loveLA LA All Day

I’ve been living here in LA for the past 11+ years and I am still in love with this town. I certainly have my love affairs with NYC and HI (and to a certain extent, even Louisiana) but I don’t think I could ever move away from here. Yesterday reminded me of why we’re so lucky to live here. All in a day, we hit up the Pasadena Flea Market at the Rose Bowl, had Vietnamese iced coffee at Xoia in Silverlake (try their lemongrass beef sandwich), then grubbed at FOOD+LAB down the street with some new friends visiting from HI, then we headed downtown to Wurstküche for fries and beers (they got a nuts beer selection), and capped it off with Kyochon (hands down the best fried chicken) for dinner while watching the Grammys.

I love LA.

(That’s not to say I’ve stopped dreaming about splitting time between LA/NYC/HI. I’m thinking 3 months LA, 3 months NYC, 3 months HI and 3 months traveling. Whatchu think?)

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