January 27, 2011

mammoth 01 Mammoth Madness

Just came back from boarding in Mammoth. It was my 2nd trip back in as many weeks and I have to say, I’m addicted! I’ve never been snowboarding before up until now and going back to back weeks was the best way to learn. I was eating snow all day my first day out. Not to mention falling on my head, falling on my face, and falling on my tailbone… and let’s not forget the crazy quad burn due to non-stop heel braking action.

The second day was much better as I attempted S-curves and, to my surprise, was able to pull them off pretty well. I didn’t fall as much the 2nd day and let me tell you, snowboarding is so much more fun when you’re not falling 90% of the time!

This past week Ja and I headed up again, this time with Erick in tow. What can I say about my 2nd go around… I was more experienced and was expecting to have an epic shredding sesh. Not quite as my hip flexor was so effed up I could barely do anything. I had one HUGE mishap: my board decided to shred without me from the top of the slopes all the way down to the lifts. I was that guy walking down the slopes with no board.

Still yet, it was a sick trip. With much reluctance on my part, we headed up to the top of the summit where we were able to shoot some cool photos and tons of video. Much love goes to my brothamanh Ja who, not only showed hella patience in teaching me how to board, but also made sure I had the best first time boarding experience possible by fittin’ me up with the dopest gear and taking me to the sickest spots. Much love and hella thanks to you brotha!

Also, thanks for making me look like a better boarder than I actually was…

mammoth 03 Mammoth Madness

mammoth 06 Mammoth Madness