January 20, 2011

casey01 Casey + Manoa, HI

There’s something about girls from HI. They’re usually the most beautifullest girls you’ll come across and yet they are also the most down to earth, fun, game for whatever, let’s shoot all day type of girls. I definitely ain’t knockin’ my LA girls but LA does have the reputation of beauty and attitude going hand in hand. Not so for local girls from the islands.

Casey is the perfect example! Though she ain’t originally from HI, she lives the Aloha lifestyle to the fullest. Not only was she super fun and friendly, she was also creatively open to my ideas which made our shoot that much easier. Her awesome wardrobe and amazing house was like a scene from a surf flick and definitely more than anything I could ask for.

Thanks Casey, you kick ass!

casey02 Casey + Manoa, HI

casey03 Casey + Manoa, HI

casey04 Casey + Manoa, HI

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