January 11, 2011

I just moved into a new pad and I am STOKED! Finally I’m back to having my own place where I can be creative and inspired. Posters, artwork, tearsheets, cooking, baking, creating… 2011 is indeed looking to be a great year!

The only shitty thing thus far is that my apartment gets absolutely ZERO AT&T reception. No phone calls, no text messages, no emails! I hate you AT&T! Thankfully, once I get the internet, all my calls and texts can at least be routed to my computers… I love you Google Voice!

Due to the lack of internet and just being busy with the move, I’m finally posting my first post of the year. I shot my friend Saba and her man when I visited NYC in September. They took me on a bike ride throughout Brooklyn and Queens and NYC being as inspiring as it is, I had to shoot! I’m embedding a slideshow, something I’ve never done before, but what the hey… check it out anyway.

And if you don’t, you can always check out the story gallery style¬†here.

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