December 21, 2010

ali sh Ali Wong @ Punchline Comedy Club

Quick plug for a friend that is very near and dear to my heart, Ali Wong.

If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, DO NOT miss out on her show. She’s headlining at the Punchline Comedy Club on Sunday and Monday. If you’ve seen an Ali Wong show before, then you know she brings it! If you laughed your ass off like I know you did, then share this post with all your friends and make sure they go!

Act now and as an added bonus… anyone who shows up and says hi to me will get a free hug, maybe even two! (I give good hugs).

Follow her on Twitter at @aliwong3000

She recently visited from NYC and we met up for lunch. Can you believe we each had a bowl of noodles for a grand total of $6?! Gotta love Koreatown!

Here’s a quick shot of her after our super bargain lunch date.

ali dec2010 sfshow Ali Wong @ Punchline Comedy Club