December 20, 2010

Holy moly it’s almost Christmas! That means my favorite holiday movies are on rotation… Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas.. you know, all the good stuff! I know they’re not the typical Christmas movies in the traditional sense but hey, that’s what I watch every year come this time…

More and more this past year, I have been straying from photography as inspiration and more towards movies and music videos because a.) it helps me better visualize my storyline when shooting and b.) I find that looking at other photographers get me too distracted… there are too many good ones out there and I need to define my own style! That’s not to say that I am not inspired by photography or other photographers though.

One scene each from The Holiday and Love Actually. I bet you anything that most of you have experienced both of these situations at some point in your lives. I know these are sappy but hey, I’m in the business of capturing love!

Happy Holidays!

ps. How gorgeous is Keira? Jesus!