December 01, 2010

kristinandmaddie 38 Kahala Cuties

It’s taken me forever but I’m finally getting around to editing most all the shoots I did in Hawaii. After Hawaii, I spent another month traveling and shooting and… let’s just say I am a little behind. Like I always say, the shooting is the easiest part of my day. No one (me) ever takes into account the time management, sorting, editing, etc. etc. etc.

Here’s a little gallery of my beautiful friend Kristin and her daughter. Maddie is the most precocious, intelligent, and sassy little girl ever. I love just watching her interact with her mama cause it’s so friggin hilarious most of the time! I’m not exactly sure how old Maddie is but it’s like she’s 7 going on 17. Haha!

Can you spot Maddie cakes running up the beach?

Check out the rest of their day here.

Can’t wait to be back in HI.

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