November 27, 2010

vietnam2008 01 Vietnam

The first time I ever visited the motherland, I was 10 or 11 and had zero appreciation for it. How could I live without flushing toilets and running water? It wasn’t until 2008 that I was able to return as an adult, ready to soak in the people, land, and culture. This trip was very important to me on many different levels. I was able to bond with my mama and learn a lot about her homeland and life, experience an amazingly beautiful country and my culture, but the most significant was that it renewed my love for photography. If it were not for this trip, I don’t think I’d be shooting today.

vietnam2008 02 Vietnam

vietnam2008 03 Vietnam

Looking back at these photos from two years ago, it really trips me out on how much my photography has changed and grown. This was my first foray into travel photography and now that my style has changed and my knowledge has grown so much since then, I can’t wait to go back! Photography is a process that never ends and it just shows how much work and dedication is needed to continue to grow as an artist.¬†Enjoy the ride!

vietnam2008 06 Vietnam

vietnam2008 07 Vietnam

vietnam2008 08 Vietnam

vietnam2008 09 Vietnam

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